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From Here to Organized, LLC BBB Business Review

My husband endured a long illness and died. I was raising children, working, taking care of the house and cars, making meals, running errands, etc. and feeling overwhelmed after his death. Paperwork was building up.

I have so appreciated the help I have gotten from Amy. She helped me greatly as a widow plow through some things that felt overwhelming: general paperwork, resumes for myself and daughters, citizenship papers for an adopted child, to name a few. Amy helped me go through years of medical papers I saved during my husband's illness, organizing what needed to be saved for tax records and what could be tossed. As we purged, Amy listened to me vent. She was very supportive and non judgmental.

While I was dealing with my grief, my children's grief, my job, all my husband's jobs he did, plus paperwork, Amy came alongside me and supported me. In widow(er) situations or in any other major transitions you are going through, Amy is great about helping you out.

 - J.S.

Personal Testimonials


 It was great meeting with Amy and talking today at my free one hour consultation! I feel relieved and more of a sense of hope that working with Amy will help clear some of  “the fog” that is part of “the process”

 - Anonymous

I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated Amy's help, her expertise, her ear, her advice and just the motivation that comes with needing to address all of the onerous and emotionally wrought issues that were before me at that point in life.

I know that, maybe more than many others, Amy can actually see and feel the progress that has happened in my life, my grief, my parenting and my employment... just to name a few areas.

Thank you for taking me on as your first client. And thanks for becoming a friend and walking with me through an awful valley.

​- Nyla M.


 My daughter, Christina, borrowed Amy for a day to declutter and organize her room.Amy has been working with me to eliminate anxiety surrounding organization at home. She is so much fun and super encouraging. I can't say enough great things about Amy! Seeing her today working one on one with Christina was amazing...who is this child and why doesn't she work this hard for me?

​ - Lisa S.