Our Response to COVID-19

Your Safety is Our Priority

 You may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or uncertain about COVID-19 and all that it brings.  We want you to know that you are important to us and we take your safety seriously.  We have implemented the following COVID-19 measures to protect you and our team as we work together:

  • We will utilize technology for communication as frequently as possible.
  • When not possible to utilize technology, we offer COVID Operations Boxes for the passing of projects.  COVID boxes ensure we do not engage in direct contact, and allow us to exchange information with outside your door.  
  • We will cancel any appointments with you if our team shows any signs of illness, and ask you to also inform us if you show signs of illness
  • We wash our hands thoroughly before coming in contact with you or your projects.  

You are important to us.  We are in this together - we can do this!

From Here 2 Organized was established through my own personal life transition.  One unexpected day, we received a call and our baby girl immediately joined our family through adoption.  Though this transition was full of joy, everything changed in an instant.  We faced challenging systems to navigate, mounds of paperwork, appointments to be scheduled, and so much more  Not to mention - regular everyday life.  It felt overwhelming.  This transition brought joy, but others I have faced have not always done so.  

These experiences have given me an understanding of the need for the support of others, and a passion for each unique person and the story off their journey.

At From Here to Organized, we understand the unexpected weight transitions can bring.  You are not alone.   Whether you are in the midst of major change, or are beginning to come up for air from a recent transition, our professional team is ready to navigate with you, creating opportunities for you to thrive.

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